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Most PBNs Suck

Let's face it. 90% of PBN services out there don't work. Now, why is that?

Weak Domains
If you've ever watched any of Josh's famous expired domain videos, you know how much he hates metrics. A domain with TF20 can be built with 2 dofollow backlinks around TF40. 2 strong backlinks isn't enough and TF20 doesn't justify it.
Not Enough Regular Content
The main issue is most PBN services don't add regular monthly content. The only content they add is when they sell more links, bringing down the value of the network.
Link To Bad Website
Most blog networks are actually public blog networks. They let anyone in. If you can wave your $100 in the air, they'll take it and chuck you up on the network. This exposes all other customers to damages when this spammed, low quality website gets hit and exposes the whole network, rendering it useless.
Too Many Outbound Links
Eventually the ratio between money sites linked to and articles on the blog network gets close to 1:1. The owners don't tell you this. Instead of getting 20% of the awesome link juice, you're now getting 1-2% once enough people buy links.

Who The Heck Is Josh?

Josh has been in SEO since 2009 and since then has built a number of SEO software that has been used by thousands of marketers worldwide.

Over 6,000 marketers in 124 countries have enrolled in his PBN building course.

Years ago, he did what few marketers ever do and completed advanced linear algebra courses to study the ins and outs of Google's PageRank algorithm -- everything from transposing matrices and finding the null space of a matrix to surjective codomains and isomorphisms.

For fun, he does SEO for local businesses, to help brush up his basic skills, and teaches SEO online for others to learn for free.

All of this has made Josh one of the most well known members of the black hat community.


Articles Added Monthly

To keep our PBN powerful, we add over 5 articles to each site in the network every month.


Tier 2 Editorial Links

Some of our PBN domains contain over 20 editorial links, meaning you'll be getting some serious tier 2 link juice.


Of Articles Contain Money Site Links

Most PBNs never add monthly content. We do.


High Quality Social Signals

We hit every article in our network with a small amount of high quality social signals.

What They Say About Josh

Your the man! Always great content.
Todd Hodges
Man, I admire you. You are the most genuine SEO expert.
Juan Reyes
Great video man! Your channel is seriously awesome! So much information from someone so young!
Sam Williamson

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